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Kradam Big Bang
A Kris Allen and Adam Lambert Big Bang Challenge
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Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
This posting schedule is up HERE. Now lets talk about the specifics of posting.

Posting Instructions

Leading up to their assigned posting day Authors and Artists need to communicate to get ready. We would like both Authors and Artist to make a Master Post at their journals (one for fic and one for art) and provide each other with the links.

For Authors we want a place on your journal people can go to be navigated to the fic (whether you decide to host in on your journal, on archive, or somewhere else).

For Artists we want you to have a post that you can get your own feedback at.

Author's masterpost to their journal
Artist's masterpost to their journal
Post made to the community

Posting to your journal/site/archive:
You will be posting your fic to either your own journal or a site or archive of your choice. You will not be posting the fic itself to this community.

I will give you the heading information we want you to fill out for your post to the community but you are welcome to change around yours. Here are the basics:
- I want you to link to the big bang and to your artist and to their post
- Proofread your posts, if you have the time have your beta go over your summary and other information as well so it looks the best it can.
- Don't lock your fic, EVER, if the place you post is locked you are welcome to post your story straight to kradam_ai. We want everyone to be able to access the fics with out having to friend anyone or join anything. (If you end up needing to lock or remove your story for any reason PLEASE contact me)
- If you are posting your story before your posting day please LOCK it for your eyes only and only unlock it when you're ready to post to the community (same goes for artists)
- If you are breaking your story up into parts please try and make sure each part links to the next part and the one before it. It makes things a lot easier for readers.

If you have an Archive of Our Own account then PLEASE post there. The site allows people to download stories in a variety of formats for reading. If you can't a lot of people would appreciate if you can provide a PDF of your story (if you are unable to that is understandable!).

For anyone posting to AO3 please add your story to the Kradam Big Bang Collection (this goes for stories from previous rounds as well).

Posting to the community
Posting is moderated so once you post to the community, as long as you follow the guidelines and your links to work, I'll approve the post. Authors are responsible for posting their stories to the community, please arrange with your artist in advance what time you want to do this (so both master posts can be unlocked at the time of posting). If an author rather have their artist post for them they can do that as well.

When posting make sure the subject line of your post reads - Fic: Title

This is how your heading information needs to be formatted:

What it looks like:
Type: (friendship, romance, crossover, sci fi, fantasy, high school au, au, kidfic, whatever you see your fic as)
Word Count:
Warnings (sexual context, non-con, violence, strong language, characters death, etc)

Link to fic master post:
Link to art master post:

You can add whatever you want to it (notes, beta credit, acknowledgments, disclaimer, etc) but please don't take away from the things listed and fill them all out to the best of your ability.

Don't change around the order or forget any links. Your post will be rejected if its not formatted like this (we will be using the posts to the community to put together the round up at the end of posting).

You can include art in the post you make to the community but please keep it at a reasonable size (under 500px in width is preferred) and limit yourself to just one piece.

If you aren’t sure how to do this (the coding, etc) please contact me through the comms email (kradambigbang@gmail.com) or private message. You can also always just leave a comment to this post.
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Thank you to everyone who turned in their works and checked in with me!

Here is the Posting Schedule for Round 4 of the Kradam Big Bang. Authors and Artists please make sure to know when you are posting and coordinate. Posting instructions are coming up next.

Posting starts on the 2nd instead of the 1st to give the teams going sooner an extra day to prepare.

2013 Posting ScheduleCollapse )
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Final fic drafts and art rough drafts (so you don't have to have the art complete but you do need to be able to show you have started and made progress on the art) are due July 26th, 2013 give or take a few hours.

Please follow these instructions to submit your final fic and art drafts. This way I can know where people are and where to put them in the posting schedule (so authors and artists that are done will go towards the beginning, while ones that need some more time will be scheduled towards the end).

IF YOU AREN'T FINISHED DON'T WORRY! That is why I asked for you to tell me if its complete or not, I will try to work those people that need more time later on in the schedule.

Email to kradambigbang@gmail.com

Subject line Fic - Fic Title - Username - Complete/Incomplete (make sure you put which one applies to your fic)

Percentage Complete -
Do you need time for it to be beta'd?
Days you can't post between August 1st and August 15th?

Username -
Title -
Word Count -
Type -
Characters/Pairings -

Then attach your fic as a doc, docx, or rtf format.

Email to kradambigbang@gmail.com

Subject line Art - Fic Title - Username - Complete/Incomplete (make sure you put which one applies to your art)

Percentage Complete -
Days you can't post between August 1st and August 15th?

Then either attach the artwork or a link to where you will be hosting it.

As fics and art come in they will be put into a posting schedule, the posting schedule will be up by July 29th at the latest - sooner if everyone gets their stuff in (those who need more time either art of fic wise will be put towards the end of the schedule). Posting instructions will be posted after the posting schedule goes up.

If you can't turn anything in and want to drop out of the challenge email me or comment here to let me know ASAP.
22nd-Jul-2013 - Update!
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
He guys! Just wanted to give you a heads up I am running a little behind on mod things for this challenge.

The screen on my laptop broke and I am currently trying to find a way to work around that. Will have the post on how to submit your final drafts up right after this and will start contacting any missing artists soon.

Thank you for your patience and I am sorry for the delay!
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
This is MANDATORY. All artists need to check in here so I can have an idea of how they are doing. At this time you DO NOT need to send anything in, just leave a comment.

Please fill out the following by July 6th (that gives you a week). If you haven't filled it in by then I will email you, if I do not get a response from you by the time art drafts are due you will be defaulted on your assignment and it will be given to a pinch hitter.

Authors and artists, make sure you are a member of this community and are watching it.
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair

This is the Consolidated Claims post, anything that wasn't claimed in the last post can be claimed in this one.

- Each story can only be claimed once for art. Once it’s claimed it will be marked off the list.
- Artists who have already claimed a story can claim a second one at this point.
- Once an artist claims a story and is confirmed as getting it by a mod the author can contact them and start working together.
- Each new claim has to be in a separate comment, whether you are claiming again, if all your choices are chosen, or if you are claiming for yourself and someone else.

To claim a story read the list under the cut and comment with the following to make your claim:</s>

48 hours after making a claim you should receive an email with your author’s contact information.

Author: If you see an issue with your summary that you would like changed please PM me (chosenfire28) with your name, summary #, and the problem.

Kradam Big Bang Round 4 Claims!Collapse )
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
So sorry for the delay!

Second claims for artists will be going up Tuesday, at 10am PDT.
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Artist claims are now open!

Please head over to THIS POST to claim a story.
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
I am still waiting on a few rough drafts but I wanted to let everyone know claims will be happening today! They will open at:

June 1st @ 6pm PDT
Check current PDT time here

Artists I will try to get the claims post up a few hours early so you can preview it!
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Rough drafts are past due and I've gotten some lovely stories! I just wanted to let everyone who hasn't handed in a draft know I can extend the deadline if needed. Please try to get in a draft by:


Please follow the instructions on how to turn in your rough draft HERE.
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