Dreams in Flux (aramuin) wrote in kradambigbang,
Dreams in Flux

Fic: American Siren

Title: American Siren
Rating: Adult
Characters/Pairings: Kris Allen/Adam Lambert
Warnings Mermaid fic
Word Count: 42,777
Notes:Thanks to deannawol for tireless beta, the lovely ladies of the List for butt-kicking and cheerleading and generally being awesome!

Thanks to Chosenfire for the kickass art and her endless paitence.
"American Siren, America's #1 entertainment show for the last seven seasons, returns for its explosive eighth season. With returning judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul, American Siren will see the finest stars on land and sea compete for their place in legend!"

Kris might be the first legitimate merman to compete on American Siren in its eight year history but he's determined not to be a fish out of water. Singing and music are all Kris has ever wanted out of life but when he meets Adam Lambert, Kris might just find something he wants even more. With everything on the line, can Kris make history?

Link to fic (Ao3)
Link to art
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