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Crossing the Horizon, I'll repaint the Darkness ミ★

fic: Closer to the Edge

Title: Closer to the Edge
Author: cerinityks
Artist: cassandra_ml
Type: Supernatural/fantasy, Drama, Romance, Action
Word Count: 28,573
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Kris Allen/Adam Lambert, Tommy Ratliff, Allison Iraheta, Simon Cowell, Katy Allen, Paula Abdul, Ryan Seacrest, Sebastian Roche
Warnings Temporary Character Death, Mild Language, Violence, AU - Supernatural
Summary: Kris was just a normal person, working at a normal café and living his completely normal life. Until Katy started talking about a group of stalkers who keep showing up at the café to watch Kris every week. Kris thinks she’s being ridiculous - who would possibly want to stalk him? Except apparently, she really, really isn’t. Magic, curses, witches, and more are revealed, including the mysterious Adam, one of his so-called stalkers, whose blue eyes Kris can’t get out of his head. With past lives, vindictive witches and desperate family, friends, and more that he can't even remember chasing after him, Kris would just like to forget it all and continue on with his normal life. Life unfortunately has other plans for him.

Link to fic master post: Closer to the Edge
Link to art master post: Master post
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