Annemari (annemaris) wrote in kradambigbang,

Fic: travel first and lean towards this time (annemaris)

Title: travel first and lean towards this time
Author: annemaris
Artist: claire_kay
Type: Crossover, futurefic, romance
Word Count: 19,025
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Kris, Eleven, Amy
Warnings mild violence
Summary: Kris honestly thought it was a phone booth, okay. But a phone booth wouldn't easily fit three people in it, right? It also wouldn't be bigger on the inside. A phone booth couldn't travel in space and time. This is a story of Kris Allen meeting a mad man with a blue box, going back in time, and realizing that sometimes it just takes a long time to figure out that you have always been in love with somebody.

Link to fic master post: here
Link to art master post: here
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